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Miniature Worlds Inside Wooden Jewelry Capture The Beauty Of Nature–Flowers Frozen in Time

The designs, clearly inspired by the warm season, feature brighter colors and summery details such as flowers or sunshine, instead of snow and cold colors. Think pink flowers, blue waves, and green leaves and much more. All the wooden jewelry are handmade using fresh wood and jewelry resin, no two pieces are the same. You can purchase them in our online shop.

The beauty of a flower calls upon unexpressed thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to put into words. Flowers have been used as tokens of love, friendship, accomplishment, and sympathy.

Jacaranda mimosifolia

( Jacarandas are so magical when in full bloom! )

For thousands of years, flowers have been an important part of life itself. Flowers have always been used with deep symbolism, myths, and emotions.


( That color is so damn beautiful! )

This mesmerizing flower bangle captures the archetype of natures beauty and adds a vintage flair to your look. Natural and organic handpicked leaves and flowers are carefully pressed and preserved in a beautiful clear resin glass.

Resin Bracelet          

Enjoy the beauty of a flower anytime!

Drying flowers is a good way to preserve their beauty in bloom, but how can one wear them without a ludicrous Victorian hat? Clear hand-crafted resin bangles filled with flowers, moss, leaves, stone and other beautiful natural decorations. Each one is like a wrist-mounted stasis chamber of natural wonder.

We don’t just make bracelets, also sells natural hand-crafted rings and pendants.

flower resin pendant             Geometric Wood Ring

It‘s like having your own bit of art stuck in amber, made just for you.

Hand-made gifts made in-house and made wonderfully unique.

flower earrings    flower bracelet

These resin jewelry are stunning with bright eco-resin and golden flakes throughout… It is faceted all the way around giving it the appearance of a gem. Such comfortable resin jewelry to wear, and it is perfect for stacking with other rings. Each piece goes through quite a process. We first make durable silicone molds that will cast our jewelry. We take anything of interest- silver, gold & copper flakes, moss, dried flower- and we put that into the molds. The eco resin is then mixed, color is added, and the resin is poured and left to sit for one week. Once removed, each piece is carefully hand sanded through multiple grits of sandpaper and finally polished by hand. To check out more of my rings visit my shop! The last image shows two faceted rings stacked.

moss ring            flower ring

There are plenty of nature motifs in jewelry and fashion, but there’s something special about having actual pieces of bark and moss or dried flowers in your accessories. We create hand-made resin bracelets, rings, and pendants by forever preserving real moss, flowers, stone, and other beautiful bits and pieces of nature in hard, crystal-clear resin.

How to keep flowers in resin permanently?

It takes 2-3 weeks to complete a single piece – from design to pouring resin, curing, to shaping the piece.

The flowers need to be completely dry before embedding them in resin so they do not brown. The drying process itself can take weeks before I can finally start to embed the flowers in the resin.

How to make flower resin jewelry? Please check the video below.

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