Make Resin Ring Out Of Real Flowers

There’s a different world inside of each resin ring. And the best part: They’re inspired by the natural beauty of great outdoors.

How to make jewelry with real flowers

Carry a few forget-me-not flowers with you in this resin ring. The slip-on-style accessory features pieces of real dried forget-me-not flowers and stalks of gold flakes arranged around the dazzling faceted shape. The clear material ensures that you’ll be able to see all of the plants’ fine details while being sturdy enough for everyday wear.

Clear dried flower resin faceted rings filled with a gold flake that you’ll never want to take off.

Have you ever seen a small, delicate flower that’s perfectly intact and the most wonderful, vibrant color and silently wished to yourself that you could preserve its beauty somehow? Well, thanks to this breathtakingly pretty flower ring, you can! See what materials we used and how we chose a ring and flower combination that fit together perfectly.


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