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How to Protect Your Pearls Jewelry?

Pearl stones look adorable adorned as rings, necklace, bracelets and another form of jewelry. Considering the recent trend, it would not be exaggerated to claim that after the diamond, the pearl has become second most sought ornaments that women appreciate to wear. However, pearls are fragile in nature. Hence, they need to be protected or taken care of for their longevity.

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leaf necklace

What is Tree of Life Jewelry and Why is it so Popular?

The blueprint of life itself, the Tree of Life represents unlimited growth and sacred knowledge. Like the tree’s powerful branches, we are all connected parts of the universe’s mystery. As the pattern of life, it applies everywhere in the universe- reminding us that we are one family. With its roots planted firmly in the ground, it can reach for the sky. The Tree of Life teaches you to do more than exist- you must grow.

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Heart of the ocean necklace -Titanic

After watching the hit film, Titanic viewers fell in love with the romantic storyline as well as the remarkable Heart of the Ocean; a necklace Kate Winslet’s character, Rose wore in the film. Even though the gorgeous Heart of the Ocean is only a fictional diamond, there is a one of a kind blue diamond that comes close to its beauty. Meet the magnificent Hope Diamond, a stone that resembles the unique features of the Heart of the Ocean Necklace:

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