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What is Tree of Life Jewelry and Why is it so Popular?

The blueprint of life itself, the Tree of Life represents unlimited growth and sacred knowledge. Like the tree’s powerful branches, we are all connected parts of the universe’s mystery. As the pattern of life, it applies everywhere in the universe- reminding us that we are one family. With its roots planted firmly in the ground, it can reach for the sky. The Tree of Life teaches you to do more than exist- you must grow.

Where Does it come from?

The design is associated with both religious and spiritual beliefs. In Buddhism, the Bodhi tree is where Buddha received enlightenment. The symbol is associated with wisdom in the book of Proverbs. The Nordic cultures believed the tree of life is a magical fount on knowledge.

Why Do People Like Tree of Life Jewelry?

The reason I personally like it pertains to knowledge and wisdom. I love to learn and to improve myself in every way.  Wearing this reminds me to continually pursue my quest for knowledge.  But what about others?  Why are they wearing it?

Whether religious meaning or personal enlightenment, it’s clear this is a lasting jewelry trend.   I’m seeing more and more symbols and references to the tree in modern jewelry designs.

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