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What is the Difference between a Pendant and a Necklace?

Jewelry lovers are deeply passionate about all sorts of jewelry. Many of us indulge by amassing a sizeable personal collection. But when it comes to a particular type of jewelry – namely, the kind that adorns our necks – do you know the difference between a necklace, pendant, chain, and choker? We define each term for you below – from this point on, you can call yourself a neck jewelry authority!


Necklaces have the ability to enhance outfits and draw attention to the wearers face. With multiple choices available, buyers can purchase necklaces in multiple lengths and in varying styles.

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Choker– a choker necklace is designed to rest above the collarbone, falling along the base of the neck. Many people wear chokers in order to highlight their shoulders and neck and styles range from basic ribbons and beads to high end gems.

Locket-A locket is close to a pendant and can be stored in a very small space as well. The jewelry is found in different kinds of shape starting from round, oval, diamond, triangle and much more. This particular piece of the ornament is worn around the entire neck in the form of a chain that might be gold or silver. The locket is actually about preserving a memento of your loved ones holding by the chain.

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A jewelry chain refers to a piece of jewelry that is worn around the neck. A pendant can be hung from a chain for added interest and dazzle. A chain differs from a necklace in that a chain is strictly a piece of metal jewelry resembling a fine cable that goes around the neck whereas a necklace can be any decorative piece of jewelry meant to be worn around the neck. It does not have to consist of a chain. Therefore, a chain can be referred to as a necklace but a necklace does not have to be a chain

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